Con`t. . . . .

        Meanwhile,when I was in school I felt nervous.After the day my father called me.I was hoping that he was just fine and nothing bad happened to him. My uncle arrived and handed me a newspaper and I was shocked to saw the news about a murdered man.The picture wasnt so clear so I continued on reading the article to my surprise it was my FATHER! Tears ran down on my face I can hardly believed that my dad had already past away.

       Without any a due, I decided to go home so that I can go to the cemetery and also to the jail to see the grim murderer.I want to know the real reason why did he killed my father. Is it because of the,what,what was his true intentions??

Riding on a bus,I always remember the day my father escorted me to my new school.We were both happy even if were far away with each other,I never misses to contact him.REVENGE that was the only word in my head, but I always remember what my father told me that having revenge is not good but letting it in the hands of GOD is always better.

Exactly eight in the morning when I arrived in our home.The place was totally filthy.So I decided to cleaned the house first before going to the cemetery.Every room is so untidy, there are many cobwebs around each room. As I cleaned every inch of it I discovered a secret storage room and to my surprise I found the eyes of my father under the planks!!

How awful,I thought why did he do such a thing!!!

      Early in the morning I went to the cemetery and took a visit to my father`s tomb.I`d promise myself not to cry but I cant help it.After having that miserable visit I took the courage and strength to visit that murderer.I`ve never seen him before I was totally curious about him.So when the cop called the man I first felt angry but I have to control myself.

      I think his insane thats what I thought but when he look at me he focuses his eyes on my eyes,He gazed at me and I felt like he was gonna eat me.I tried to ask him why did he killed my father but he just hold me tightly and laugh.His insane, very very insane!!

      I hurriedly unleash and stood.Then he look at me and I was wondering so i decided to go home,I`msuper scared to him but I`ve gotta go back and asked him over and over again.

     As I go back to the jail, the murderer was kept on talking about the eye.The old man`s eye my fathers eye!Why is he so interested in my eyes I have the same eyes as my father.

     I visited him again and he finally talked to me.I want to ask him but I think because of the insanity he have he already read my mind because he already stated what he did to my dad.

    "I admit the deed.I killed your father.I I don't want his money or even gold.I just don't want his eyes both of your eyes.You must go out in this place I don't want to kill you just what I did to your father."

     So I hurriedly went out I have many plans in my life maybe let justice rule.After ten years, as I visit my father`s tomb I recalled everything happen but I am now much stronger and I`ve changed for the better.Now the person who killed my father had already died.And no one will ever hate these vulture eyes.